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Ortho-Phosphorous acid

Ortho-Phosphorous acid

1 Quality: white crystal, garlic odor, easy to absorb unstable compounds' moisture. When exists the oxygen and the temperature is 180-200°C, it decompounds into ortho-phosphoric acid and phosphine. Soluble in water and lower alcohol easily, and it's a strong reducing agent, when heat quickly ,will produce red phosphorus.
2 Molecular Formula: H3PO3 Relative molecular mass: 82.00Cas No: [10294-56-1]
3 Manufacturing technique: our factory produces following two kind of phosphorous acids divides byraw material : (1)Take phosphorus trichloride as the raw material and hydrolyze it to produce crystalline industrial phosphorous acid and liquid industrial phosphorous acid. (2) take dimethylphosphite relic solution as the raw material and hydrolyze it to produce crystalline industrial phosphorous acid and liquid industrial phosphorous acid.
4 Use: This product mainly is suitable for the raw material for production, such as the phosphite, the synthetic fiber and the organic phosphorus agricultural chemicals and so on. Also uses in producing highly effective water treatment agent ATMP and so on.
5 Quality Index: HG/T2520-93

Item Crystal Index(%) Liquid Index (%)
Phosphorus trichloride method Relic solution method Phosphorus trichloride method Relic solution method
main content (as H2PO3) ≥ ≥99.0 98.0 77-80
chloride content (as Cl)≤ 0.01 0.03
iron content (as Fe)≤ 0.0015 0.002 0.003 0.005
phosphate content (as PO4)≤ 0.2 - -
sulphate content (as SO4)≤ 0.008 - -
Appearance White crystal achromatism or pale-yellow liquid

6 Packing :(1) crystal: 25kgs/bag, inner packaging adopts double ply polythene film bag, external packaging is plastic woven bag B: 50kgs in paper drum or metal; C: 1000kgs in big bag D: According to buyer request;(2) liquid: 300Kgs/drum.
7 Storage and transportation: stores in cool and ventilative storehouse, Prevents the rain drenches. When transporting should lightly unload with light packs, be sure not to roll and to invert. When transport by the sea and the inland water transport cannot lay aside in the deck.
8 Security: the product is a corrosion product, when catch fire should use the dry sand and CO2 fire extinguisher to put out the fire.


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