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Glycine Ethyl Ester HCL

Glycine Ethyl ester Hydrochloride

Molecular formula:C4H9NO2HCl or NH2CH2COOC2H5HCl
Molecular Weight:139.58
Description:A white needle crystal, melting point on temperature 142 and above, being slowly decomposed at temperature 200,easily dissolved in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, not dissolved in ether.


Item Criterion
Tech Grade Export Grade
Purity %>= 98.5 99.0
Melting Point temperature 142-144 143-144
Glycine HCL %>= 2 1.5
Moisture %>= 0.5 0.3

Application: Pesticide intermediate, used in synthesizing cinerins insecticide.

Packing: N.W.25kg bags or cartons.

Transportation: Damp-proof.



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