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Glycine FCCIV


Molecular Formula:C2H5NO2
Molecular Weight:75.07
Description:Glycine also called amino acetic acid, white crystal or crystalline power. Free of smell., tastes sweetly, melting point on 262℃(decomposed),dencity1.607.,dissolved in water, slightly dissolved in alcohol, not dissolved in ether.

Item Criterion

 Technical grade

Feed grade
Sunda Standard

Assay %≥ 98.5 98.5 98.5-101.5 98.5-101.5
Chloride(Cl) %≤ 0.5   0.007 0.007
Heavy metal(Pb) %≤   0.002 0.002 0.002
Pb %≤   0.0005    
Sulphate(SO42-) %≤       0.0065
As %≤ 0.0004 0.0003 0.0001 0.0002
Fe %≤     0.002  
NH4 %≤     0.02  
Residue on ignition %≤     0.1 0.1
Loss on drying %≤ 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2
PH     5.5~7.0 5.5~6.5

  1、Glycine—technical grade:
        used as intermediate for Thiamphenicol, a key raw material foe Herbicide Glyphosate, an assistant agent for dichloride benzene ether.
  2、Glycine—feed grade:
        used as an inductor and nutrition. in feed additives
  3、Glycine—food grade:
        (1)、used as a flavoring or sweetener, antiseptic agent(or in combination with L-glutamate, DL-alannine, citric). Used as an additive for the making of seasons, soft beverage, salted vegetables to retain its color and improve a source of sweet, restraining the propagation from pollinosis bacilli and coliform. 
        (2)、used as a stabilizer for Vitamin C.
 4、Glycine—pharma grade:
        (1)、used in Amino Acid injection solution as nutritional infusion、as a buffering agent for aureomycin, as a raw material for making L-Dopa、cephalosporin, cosmetics and amino acid.
        (2)、used as a additive for some medicines. Such as for flesh fall into a decline, untrue hypertrophy flesh cacotrophia, neuropathic acid stomach.
Packing:N. W. 25Kg compound bag、carton、drum。
Transportation:no toxicity、dump-proof.


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